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Everything that you need to have for my oil painting course
1) Oil paints
Here are all the colors that we will be using:

- titanium white

- yellow ochre

- cadmium yellow medium

(or any other yellow that you already have)

- cadmium red medium

(or any other red that you already have)

- scarlet (optional)

- burnt umber

- raw umber

- ivory black

I’m using professional oil paints called Rembrandt by Royal Talens but I recommend to buy the same colors from student series - Van Gogh by Royal Talens, Classico by Maimeri, Winton by Winsor & Newton, etc.

2) Medium
I use Painting medium 083 by Royal Talens.
It's not crucial so you can use any other universal medium for oil painting that you can find (Galkyd, Liquin, etc.)

Painting Medium 083 by Royal Talens
3) Brushes
We will need syntheric round brushes size 1, 3, 5.
Brush sizes can vary depending on the manufacturer so it's easier to say that we'll need a very small one, a bigger, and even bigger for backgrounds.

4) Paper for oil painting
Why paper? I think that it's more universal - you'll definitely use it later, and the quality is better than most of the beginner level canvases.

I recommend:
- Van Gogh or Rembrandt by Royal Talens
- Tela by Fabriano
5) Palette
Any. I'll be using a transparent acrylic palette.
That's everything!

You can contact me with any questions regarding the shopping list. We’ll help you to find an alternative.
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