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Master the Art of oil painting without fears and worries
No more worries, no more concerns – just pure art

Discover a world without borders with a new book No-Fuss Guide to Oil Painting.

Perfect for beginners, this book dispels all the myths surrounding oil painting, easing your journey into this art form.

Dive into your passion, unravel your skills, and dare to create with a clear mind. Painting has never been simpler!

Make oil paints work

for you

Grab your Guide to Oil Painting.
  • Perfect size
    Your journey begins with an 80-page book, a comprehensive guide that includes a shopping list, helpful insights on what to buy and savvy tips on saving money on these purchases.
  • Detailed Illustrations
    Be captivated and inspired as you flip through the book's exquisite illustrations – a perfect blend of guidance and beauty.
  • Step-by-Step
    With information presented in a digestible and easily applicable format, learning oil painting becomes a breeze, even for beginners.
  • Tutorial inside
    Dive into creativity with an easy-to-follow tutorial - there's nothing quite like creating your very first oil painting step by step.
It's special
Crafted with real art enthusiasts, my latest book 'No-Fuss Guide to Oil Painting' is a labor of love. I engaged with over 200 of my dedicated followers to understand their unique challenges, fears, and concerns in oil painting. Your worries became my mission to solve, and in this book, I aim to put those fears to rest.

As a testament to its relevance and usefulness, I had my followers review the final creation, and the response was overwhelmingly positive – they loved it!

With this guide, you're not just learning about oil painting, but joining an inclusive, supportive community. Embrace a worry-free world of oil painting!

Zarina Situmorang
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