Learn with me
I've created a newsletter for those who love art and learning new things about it. We'll discuss everything from the first brushstrokes to solo shows, from art materials to marketing.
The Newsletter
At first, I was posting information about the learning process on Instagram stories. They were disappearing in 24 hours, and even though I was adding them to highlights, it was not convenient for those who wanted to study.

That's why I've decided to create a new format - a Newsletter! So all the useful information will always stay at your mail without a need of swiping and taking screenshots. Easy and accessible.
How and What
At first, you will receive my FREE Color Bootcamp - 7 days of improving the way you see and work with colors.

On the image you can see a part of the letter about colors - an exercise on how to analyze artworks that you like.

And, of course, marketing for artists will also be one of our first themes!

So don't forget to leave your email to receive all of that info. Absolutely free!

Let's learn together!
You'll be receiving only useful lessons and information about the art world.
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