If you need some help on your journey

It’s hard to be alone.

Sometimes you may feel lost and not being able to understand what is wrong with your art – how to make it look better, why no one is buying, how to gain audience.

zarina Situmorang
Self-taught oil painter.
ARC Salon finalist and award winner.
Took part is the Contemporary Realism exhibition at Sotheby's NY.
Solo show at the Beinart gallery, Australia.
Global Talent UK visa owner.
160k+ followers on Instagram without ads.
Answers that you need
Let's make it work together
  • Art
    How to make your art better (I can paint over it to show you possible adjustments!), how to improve your skills, and things that you need to pay attention to.
  • Outside Art
    We can talk about things outside the world of paint and pencils – how to make a great website and what yours is missing, which social medias are perfect for you and how to gain followers there.
  • Individual Approach
    We can talk about anything that worries you.
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