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Mediums for oil painting
One guide instead of a bunch of big boring books.
All about mediums
Oil paints can't be diluted with water.
My goal is to make you feel confident in the world of different liquids.
  • Why Mediums
    We will discuss when and how you can use them.
  • Unusual
    A special paste that can save you some money. Or a special white paint that dries faster than the traditional one. And some mediums that are not what they seem.
  • Fat over lean
    Why is it so important to follow this rule? The consequences of ignoring it can be bad.
  • Oiling out
    A traditional way of bringing back colors. We'll discuss different approaches to the same problem.
  • Types of liquids
    There are a few main types of liquids that can be used with oil paints. Each of them has it's own purpose.
  • Recommendations
    I'll show you what I use and why. Also, we will answer a few questions.
Mediums for Oil Painting
  • 62 pages about liquids for oil painting

  • Save money on materials that otherwise would be lying in your cupboard untouched
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