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Guide to Style
Find your unique style in art and beyond
A Unique Guide for the Creative Mind

Elevate your artistry with a thorough Style Workbook. Journey into the creative minds of renown artists, unlock the mysteries of their unique styles, and develop your own creative fingerprint.

An indispensable resource for all artists, style seekers, and those yearning to express themselves through the nuances of art. Learn how to adapt various styles effectively and transform your artistic abilities with this inspiring guide.

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About the Workbook
Exclusive and Inclusive
The Style Workbook is a meticulously crafted guide aimed at fostering a deep understanding of style in art. It is much more than a mere introduction; it dives deep into the processes behind creating, understanding, and replicating styles.
Interactive Learning
The workbook is filled with stimulating exercises designed to help you explore, discover, and then crystallize your unique artistic style.

These exercises are spread across five stages, each stage taking you further down the rabbit hole of personal self-expression. This experiential approach guarantees that you not only comprehend what you learn about style and its nuances, but also helps you grow into your own as an artist – shaping and refining your distinctive style rather than merely emulating others.
Suitable for All
Whether you are an aspiring artist taking your first steps, a seasoned artist aiming to diversify your work, or simply wanting to delve deeper into the realm of art, this guide is the perfect partner on your quest.

Irrespective of your preferred medium, be it paints, pencils, markers or digital platforms, the exercises in this guide are designed to accommodate all.
Art in Everyday Life
Understanding style in art isn’t confined to artists alone. It can augment your appreciation for the world around you, influence your perception, and inspire your creativity in various forms; fashion, home decor, graphic design, and much more.
Quality Content
This workbook has been carefully curated with a blend of expert knowledge, research, and hands-on experience in art and design. It ensures you receive top-tier content that truly enriches your understanding and application of artistic style.
  • Just Right
    A 126-page comprehensive guide packed with practical exercises and profound studies of artistic styles.
  • In-Depth Analysis
    Includes detailed studies of various artist's styles, with high-quality references to impart clear understanding of art concepts.
  • Step-by-Step Guides
    Provides a guideway to analyse, understand, and develop styles in art, ensuring clarity and simplicity in the process.
  • Exercises
    Brimming with practical, hands-on tasks that improve style comprehension and versatility in art.
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Guide to Style
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  • There is also a Russian language version available HERE.
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