The course consists of 9 lessons in which I will tell you everything I know about oil painting - why some paints are expensive and others are cheap, how to work in layers, how to dilute oil paints, and together we will create a few paintings. I will also give recommendations on materials that I myself have been using for years.

It’s suitable for all levels. From people who never tried oils before to those who already created a lot of paintings but still feel like there are more possibilities to discover.

My aim is to make you feel confident and have fun in the world of oil painting.
  • Oil Paints
    Why can one red paint cost 10 times more than another? Do you need a professional line or can you save some money?

    We’ll also discuss what symbols can be found on a tube of paint and what they are for. And what is actually inside the tube.
  • Taking care of materials
    You will learn how to properly prepare your palette and brushes for work, so the painting process will bring even more pleasure. And how to make your materials last for years.
  • Mediums
    We will discuss what it is. In what situations to use each of the types. And how to make sure that the picture is preserved for a long time.

    Knowledge about mediums will come in handy when dry matte areas will suddenly appear on your painting. Or if the top layer is so sticky that every speck of dust will glue to it. And you will know what to do without panic.
  • Canvases
    Why does everyone love linen canvases? I will show you what is the difference between canvases of different price, and what consequences the use of low-quality materials can lead to.
  • ... and, of course, we will paint
    We will discuss and test different painting techniques, and create a few artworks.
WHAT you will need
Oil paints any any surface to paint on. You can find all the details about the art supplies in the first lesson. It's FREE so don't forget to check it!
The course will take 7 weeks. It includes seven video lectures and 3 online seminars, in which we will discuss not only oil painting, but everything related to art. All videos will be saved, so you can watch them anytime.
  • Homework
    After each lecture there will be an assignment. It is not necessary to show the result in the chat, but if you want, we can discuss it and give some advises. For the bravest, there is a plan with personal feedback from me.
  • Painting together
    You will see both what I paint and the palette at the same time. So it will be easy for your to repeat what I do.
  • Lifetime access
    You pay once and watch the course as long as you want.
  • Help and support
    I will be in touch in the chat, and ready to answer any question.
Currently, there is no information about prices, dates and schedule. The course is in production but I can notify you when it will be available.
Download a free guide!
While you are waiting for the course you can download my FREE pdf guide about mediums for oil painting.
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