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Explore the sophistication of color with this comprehensive workbook crafted for artists who want to dive deeper. Unravel the intricacies of color schemes, moods, contrasts, and unity in color design.

Perfect for intermediate and advanced artists, this guide is essential for those seeking to add flair to their artwork and master the nuance of light and color. Push beyond the basics with our detailed study on style in painting, the play of light and shadow, and crafting references for artists.

Take your skills to the next level

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About the Workbook
Advanced color understanding
This workbook builds on your existing color knowledge, taking you into the intricacies of color schemes, mood, contrast, and unity. Advanced techniques to bring vivid depth to your artwork are unveiled as you turn each page.
Engage in Practice
Filled with plenty of practical exercises, this workbook allows you to put new techniques into immediate practice. Our theory-to-practice approach empowers you to create and experiment while learning, ensuring the concepts stick with you.
Material Versatility
Use whatever material fits your style – be it paints, pencils, markers or digital tools – the exercises in this workbook are designed for adaptability.
Color for Style and Mood
Learn how colors can influence mood, create a vibe, and transform the aesthetics of a piece. Expand your horizons on how color can sharpen visual storytelling and personal style.
High-Value Content
Carefully created from extensive professional expertise, this workbook offers high-quality, detailed content that advances your color understanding and application.
  • Perfectly Sized
    107 pages filled with theoretical knowledge, practical exercises, and advanced color theory for the in-depth learning experience.
  • Detailed Illustrations
    Includes professional, highly detailed illustrations to explain advanced color concepts visually.
  • Step-by-Step Guides
    Gives a step-by-step approach to sophisticated color choices and understanding the relationships between light and shadow, making complex concepts easier to grasp.
  • Exercises
    Packed with hands-on exercises tailored to reinforce understanding and enhance your color manipulation skills, perfect for boosting creativity and confidence.
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Colors Workbook 2
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  • There is also a Russian language version available.
What is the difference between these two books?
  • Suitable for Beginners
  • Offers a comprehensive journey through the basic characteristics of color (hue, value, temperature, etc.) and how to mix colors. Exercises included
  • Doesn't require any previous training
  • 64 pages
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  • Suitable for those who want to dive deeper
  • Offers an all-encompassing exploration of advanced aspects like color schemes, color moods, contrast, unity in color design, the sophisticated play of light and shadow, and much more
  • Requires previous training: you need to know about basic characteristics of colors and how to mix them. If you do not feel confident in these topics, then I recommend starting with Colors 1
  • 107 pages
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