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I've created a series of lectures to share everything that I know about making a living from art
How and What
The course consists of 6 fundamental topics – style, marketing, social media, galleries, business side and life. By learning that you will find answers to the most disturbing questions about an art career.
What You will Get
The answer to the most anticipated question:
How to move from zero sales to be able to make a living from art?

You'll learn simple steps and comprehensive work algorithms. Everything is not as difficult as it sounds!

I will help you.
  • Prefilmed Videos
    You can have an access to them anytime anywhere. No need to connect at a certain time/day.
  • Brief on point lectures
    We are grownups. It can be hard to find a lot of time to watch long videos.
    I kept the lectures short and full of useful information that you can apply straightaway.
  • Support
    I'm always happy to answer your questions.
  • You will not be alone
    The course will have it's own chat where we will be discussing lectures.
  • Bonuses
    There will surprises during the course that I haven't announced yet.
zarina Situmorang
Creator of the course
Self-taught oil painter.
ARC Salon finalist and award winner.
Took part is the Contemporary Realism exhibition at Sotheby's NY.
Solo show at the Beinart gallery, Australia.
Global Talent UK visa owner.
160k+ followers on Instagram without ads.
We will discuss how much it means for an artist to have a certain style. Is it a limitation or a key to development?
  • Is it crucial to be unique
  • Style and audience
  • How to find the style that is yours
For sure it's the most disturbing theme!

How and where to sell, how to set prices - sounds frightening and intimidating, but it's not as scary as it seems.

Any big goal can be broken down into small steps. Taking them one after another will help you to start selling yout art. There is no universal recipe, but you will understand that you are capable of a lot!
  • How and where to look for buyers
  • How/where to sell merch and prints
  • How to price your art
  • Your own art versus commissions
  • How to make people buy your artworks
At first, this theme may seem complicated. But knowledge and practice make everything perfect! Here we will look at two directions - online and offline promotion.

I will give you practical tips and recommendations, or, as we call it, a magical kick to action.
  • How to begin promoting yourself. From a beginner to expert
  • Platforms for selling art
  • Social medias and content - how many you should have, what to post
  • How to gain followers and recognition
  • Places for promotion other than social medias
  • Algorithms - fighting against them and winning
  • How to find the right audience
  • Successful artist = popular Instagram? Is it true?
A dream of any artist is to collaborate with a gallery. Drink champagne and talk to people about art at the opening of the own solo show.

Working with galleries is easy once you know what you need to do and what to expect. I hope my recommendations will become a bridge between your art and the long-awaited exhibition in your favorite gallery.
  • How to build communication with a gallery
  • Competitions. How to take part, are they worth it
  • Exhibitions. From your first one to solo shows
  • Don't be fooled. How not to waste your money
Art as a business
Let's start from the fact that you are not only an artist, but you have every right to call yourself a businessman. Any commercialization or monetization of art already makes you an entrepreneur. You need to get used to this idea and love it.

In order for your business to be successful, for you to grow and develop, and paintings to be sold, it is important and necessary to be able to solve administrative issues. And when everything becomes stable you'll be able to hire an assistant!
  • Business: building your workflow
  • Income: teaching, commissions, merchandise
  • Financial management
  • Building a strategy for running your business
  • Pricing, taxes, contracts – how to
  • How to survive if you are alone
  • Worries about the financial side – how to overcome
Life and Balance
Let's be honest - to stay productive you need to know how to rest. Forget about toxic productivity! Procrasticantion is a normal part of life if you understand why it's happening.

We will discuss how important it is for your mental health to create the right balance of life, work, and rest. To keep yourself inspired, motivated and joyful.
  • Commercial art VS art from the soul
  • How to stand out from the rest (spoiler - be yourself)
  • How to do everything. Be productive and stay away from burnout
  • Networking: how/where to find people with similar interests and goals
  • Time management - distribution of resources for all aspects of work and life of an artist
  • What to do if I am shy
  • Overcoming fears
Let's learn together!
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